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Bingo History.

Many associate bingo history with the lottery. It is said that the official lottery occurred in 1530, when the united Italy held the world's first state lottery. The game was much simpler than the current online bingo, but it was incredibly popular and the game quickly spread to other nations. The French lottery is the first lottery where we see clear similarities with today's bingo. Late 1700s (some say 1778) was when France's upper classwas in love with a new version of the lottery. The game worked so they bought a card that was divided into 9 columns and 3 rows. An extension of the current bingo. The first column contained the numbers from 1 to 10, the second column contained the numbers 11 to 20 and so on. One person drew numbered wooden boards from a bag, and announced the number in the assembly. The first one who got a whole row (Bingo) won the game. This new version of the lottery, which resembles more and more todays bingo, was used for educational purposes in Germany. Bingo precursor is said to have helped children learn both multiplication tables and spelling. It is also said that the game was modified and used to teach history to children. The next stage in bingo history was mae in purpose for entertainment at the carnivals. The game was played in Germany, and eventually spread to the American carnivals. Small changes brought the game even closer to what we know today as bingo.

Now a winning card could also be with wins rows that went diagonally or horizontally and not just vertically. The game was called "Beano" because players used beans (beans) to mark the numbers that were called. Carnival participants loved the game and yelled Beano when they had filled an entire line.


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history of bingo

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